Soran Omar

Judge Al-Zamili, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, held a meeting today, attended by Mustafa Ghaleb, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, about the price of the dollar, the public auction, money laundering and transferring it outside Iraq
And Finance Minister Ali Allawi was scheduled to attend the session, but he announced in a letter that he was not ready to attend the session and accordingly the legal department in Parliament filed a complaint against the Minister of Finance and banned him from traveling outside the country, as it is scheduled to be questioned on a number of files Regarding the price of the dollar and the transfer of money outside Iraq, the governor of the Central Bank said that he was the first to object to raising the price of the dollar.
Noting that the Minister of Finance demanded to raise the price of the dollar due to the drop in import prices, the price of oil reaching 25-30 dollars, and the delay of salaries by about 45 days, which led to an increase in demonstrations and popular discontent, as they had to raise the price of the dollar to save or to get rid of all these problems and disturbances.
Ghalib said that what is going on in neighboring countries from a significant decline in the value of their cash is caused by a decrease in the reserve budget, and Iraq has resorted to raising the price of the dollar in order not to resort to the use of the reserve budget.
At the conclusion of the meeting, it was decided that a committee would be formed to reveal the facts on all issues related to this file, which concern the Central Bank and other banks.

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