Soran Omar

The exchange rate of the dollar is not in the hands of the Central Bank or the Council

And the head of the Kurdistan Justice bloc, MP Soran Omar, said in an interview with Al-Sabah that the governor indicated that “the bank raised the reserve from 48 billion to 64 billion dollars,” noting that “raising the dollar exchange rate two years ago or decreasing the value of the debt was in dollars. The current Finance Minister and the approval of all parties because the government was unable to pay the salaries of employees in light of the drop in the oil price at that time to $ 30 per barrel.”

He stressed that “it is impossible to lower the price of the dollar and go back, and that the rise in oil prices is unstable and we will face many big problems if the exchange rate is returned to what it was before.” And regarding the rise in the prices of goods and materials in the markets, the head of the Kurdistan Justice Bloc quoted the governor as saying that “the rise in local market prices is due to the lack of governmental oversight,” and that he “personally is against raising the exchange rate and reducing the value of the debt for violators.” The aforementioned meeting ended with the formation of a temporary fact-finding committee regarding the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance and Markets, and preparing a report to be submitted to the House of Representatives.

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